Providing design and organization for visual storytelling projects and agile software development.


Do you want to share your life story?

Are you a creative dreaming to share your ideas and work with the world in a beautifully designed book?

Have you and your business partner, over the years developed unique methods and processes that would make an amazing instructional book for the new generations?

Do you have a new business idea, and need help in formulating a mission, vision and values statements and presenting the idea visually for investors?

Whether you are an individual or a team, together, we can explore the chaos where great stories come from.
I can help you uncover your treasures and weave together the disconnected ideas and vision to form a cohesive story.
We will create a strong bridge to communicate your story to the world.

Kelli is an incredible embodiment of what it means to be clear and efficient. She has the ability to map multiple threads of meaning in projects to coordinate effective coordinated action. She is a true bridge walker, and I am looking forward to working with her again.” ~James Barnard
 – Creative Strategist, Infinite Synergy

Book Design & Organization

Visual Design

Project Management

I would love to help navigate your projects across the bridge
with over 20 years of creative design and project management experience.
Give me a call, or email, and lets talk about creating your ideas.