Kelli Rua Klein

Kelli Rua KleinI have lived and worked in the Portland area for the last 23 years. After acquiring my Bachelor of the Sciences with honors in Graphic Design, I started my career in a local design agency with clients such as Amnesty International, Nike and Polaroid. I left the agency to pursue independent contract work and landed with Nike. After 3 years of full time contract work, I was hired in 1999 as the Operations Manager for Nike’s internal digital photography studio. Thus began my 14 year  journey through the diverse worlds of brand marketing, content management, operations management within local and global teams.

During this time I also fostered a deep connection to community building through participating in community events, art installations and book projects.

Along my diverse journey I have acquired a unique collection of skills. I am a global traveller, having left footprints in 45 of the 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, toured 9 countries in Europe, and explored India. I have travelled to Costa Rica to facilitate workshops and placed large art installations in art and music festivals throughout the west. I have outstanding backgrounds graphic design, media organization, process improvement and software development. I possess experience in rich media creation and digital asset management systems, vendor management, and catalog and book print production technologies.

My personal vision is to offer my skills and passion in helping others tell their stories.  I support a vision of a thriving human culture and a balanced stewardship of this incredible planet we call home. I come alive when working with people, understanding the art of process, leveraging technology and creating visual communication with innovative individuals, businesses, teams and projects.

My free time is spent creating multimedia art, jewelry, gardening, camping, snowshoeing, archery, traveling and living a thriving and meaningful life. My skills range from the keys on a keyboard to the wand of a welder. I have also produced entertainment events, provided creative direction environmental experiences, and exhibited my own interactive art at art festivals and events. I occasionally can been seen walking tall at Portland Alberta Art Walks on my stilts.

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