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We all create files. COUNTLESS  files, from grocery lists to resumes; for personal and for professional communication and sharing. We tell stories with our files, capture our thoughts, organize our past, and document our experiences. We all must find the inner librarian that is in all of us to organize our digital clutter. Each orphaned file and empty folder is a unfinished action or a forgotten memory. Pieces of our minds and our moments reside in a digital universe of our own creation we can barely navigate.

Springtime is here.. time to take action!

This guide is intended to provide practical and simple information to help you navigate the complex area of digital asset management. Whether it is organizing your desktop, creating a contact/mailing list, or sending a Interactive PDF resume to a prospective new employer – this guide can help you clean up, create and share with greater ease and efficiency.

Some tasks appear simple, yet they open up a mysterious box of options and
questions that will leave the most organized and detail oriented of us with a mind-numbing swirl of options and answers.¬† One step at a time…

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ABasicGuide_DigitalFiles041514The Organizing, Creating and Sharing Digital Files and Photos Series will be released over the 2014 year in three Guides:

  • Basic Guide – April 2014
    • Organizing Files – Visually
    • Creating Text, Lists, Presentations,Page Layout, and Photography
    • Sharing Emailing PDFs and ZIP
  • Intermediate Guide June 2014
    • Organizing Files – Versions and Formats
    • Creating Photography, Illustrations and 3D
    • Sharing Cloud Based Online – Sending Large Files
  • Advanced Guide September 2014
    • Organizing Files – Shared Folders and Security
    • Creating Video and Audio
    • Sharing Cloud Based Online Tools – Group Editing and Approvals

Best to you on your journey!



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