Role: Designer and Process Consultant

rivpromo_lowres_070815THE NEEDS AND THE CHALLENGES: Provide visual and organizational design for a collaborative book project including over 65 article contributors and over 12 photographers and artists. The team built a database to track all contracts and content provided by the contributors during a 9 month period. The intent of the book was to share resources and insights on a broad spectrum of community building aspects with mainstream American readers. The producers asked for the book to be visual, beautiful, simple and full of ideas, resources, contacts and inspiration. The challenge is the book was created through a large collaborative effort and was initially funded by a Kickstarter. It was printed through a on-demand printer, so the budget is small. The book originally was planned to be 150 pages, and the final book contained 350 pages.

THE SOLUTION: Designed a simple grid template in InDesign for ease of layout that also leveraged the use of curves and circles to bring a element of soft beauty to the book rather than boxes and rigid grids. We designed icons for each of the 12 themes and created a color code to visually identify the themes and help with easy navigation.

THE OUTCOME: The book was extremely well received by the Kickstarter recipients people wanted to purchase more.  The producers are working with a couple of publishers to larger runs of the book in the future. It has also been submitted for  a couple of self-publishing design awards both for the collaborative effort and design.


Role: Product Owner – North America

nike-sb-july-september-2012-footwear-2THE NEEDS AND THE CHALLENGES: Identify business owners and processes to provide clear improvement support. Create a new retail project management system to track store installations, fixture ordering and tax needs for retail locations throughout North American region. Divest of very old
hardware system no longer supported resulting in tight timeline. Multiple,inconsistent and manual processes that remained critical to operations. Establish a Change Management strategy and piece together all business owners, processes, opportunities, gaps and risks.

THE SOLUTION: Brought in a consultant team to partner with operations team to assess the new needs of the business and cast a wide net. Joined forces with a global business function had a similar project and need, and owned key information that we needed to be successful. Agreed to implement a cloud-based solution with, to provide a stable platform. Developed innovative customization and mobile tools. Generated core business improvements like consistent vocabulary.

OUTCOME: Brand Marketing now enjoys shared resources, shared content, transparent processes, a steering committee and a long term vision. We improved the alignment of people and processes. Built a global, cross-functional, flexible system that leveraged agile development, and appropriate data stewardship. At launch in 2013, the mobile functionality was a huge hit in the field. It changed the game!

Role: Product Owner

THE NEEDS AND CHALLENGES: Distribute thousands of time sensitive, confidential product images to hundreds of locations worldwide. Utilizing CDs for distribution to teams producing catalogs in 20+ languages. Shipping costs soaring, missing packages, security concerns and missed deadlines. Small budget of under $400K.

THE SOLUTION: Design, build and deliver a innovative, centralized internal image database with strong security, approval processes, seasonal release dates, and automated image format generator for both online and print catalog needs. Hired a development firm and designed and delivered on time and within budget a custom image distribution system. Divested of the wasteful and costly CD distribution process.

OUTCOME: Over the next 12 years, the system has distributed millions of photos securely and successfully throughout the globe.

Role: Digital Information Manager

8317c76dc4feb21e84130a5bef7b3585THE NEEDS AND CHALLENGES: Distribute hundreds of thousands of time sensitive, confidential brand marketing files of various formats to global teams worldwide. Provide all content within the context of Brand Marketing campaigns and initiatives for categories, regions and territories. Include features to segment content into seasons for production teams and groups such as schedules, calendars, notifications, linked content and marketing directives.

THE SOLUTION: Design, build and deliver a innovative integrated system of “content within context” that combined Digital Asset Management (DAM) features with a Social Business Platform (JiveSBS) tools utilizing Agile methodology. Leverage “tagging” technology rather than folder hierarchy. Divest of multiple standalone systems.

OUTCOME: ROI exceeded after one year. Broad adoption throughout the Global teams. Leveraged in everyday production work. Agile development adjusted, improved and delivered updates to the system. It continues to be heavily utilized and maintained to this day.