Here is what co-workers, clients and consultants have to say…


Ellie Angelova
 Development Professional at World Pulse

Kelli was a strategic partner in designing a more efficient CRM system for our needs. It was truly an honor to partner with her in this endeavor as she was very knowledgeable on the process, brought true curiosity to learn more how the non-profit world functions and stayed focused on fulfilling our deadlines and needs. She has a great sense of humor and positive outlook, and I look forward to more opportunities to collaborate. She will be a great asset to any company as a team member or consultant.

November 7, 2013, Ellie was Kelli’s client at World Pulse


Vega Tom Chief Operations Officer at World Pulse

Kelli worked with us in development our workflows, resource and process requirements for our Salesforce Upgrade. She was incredibly dependable in committing four hours a week for several months to work with us. She was thorough in collecting the information, clarifying our needs and teasing out the processes, and creative in developing workflows and solutions. We have great recommendations to work with in seeking vendors to develop our Salesforce Upgrade for our integration and fundraising needs.

She also is just great to work with in being responsive, personable, professional and committed while also being very straight forward and fun.

August 23, 2013, Vega was Kelli’s client at World Pulse


Bridgette Brown Principal Consultant, Engagement Manager at Centerstance

Kelli was my client and primary business owner for two years on a custom, global, implementation.

We relied on Kelli tremendously for her ability to illustrate and articulate the vision and roadmap for her program and to guide key design decisions – she was our business champion and influenced all key planning and prioritization activities.

Kelli has a great grasp on leveraging technology to enable business functions. She is equally adept at coordinating requirement collection, facilitating discussions between the end users and the solution team, and managing end user and executive expectations. Kelli is pragmatic and capable of determining the relative criticality of each requirement which assisted the team in prioritizing order of operation.

I would recommend Kelli for a project-based position that leverages her knowledge of technology, allows her to stay involved throughout the lifecycle of an implementation, and that engages her ability to create graphics and deliverables that tell a company, project, or initiative’s story.

January 15, 2014, Bridgette worked directly with Kelli at Nike Inc.


Eric Rotkow Consulting Director at Coffee & Dunn Inc

I have had the opportunity to work with Kelli in both operational planning and tactical execution activities over the course of many months. Her capacities to ground planning activities in the realities of her organization, and apply hands-on creative experience in the execution of technology solutions make her a great asset to Nike. Kelli also has a great spirit about her, thriving on the personal interactions that drive towards a successful project, which make her an invaluable pillar of the project team. She is a joy work with.less

July 23, 2011, Eric was a consultant with Marketsphere for Kelli at Nike Inc.


James Barnard
 Creative Strategist, Infinite Synergy

Kelli is an incredible embodiment of what it means to be clear and efficient. She has the ability to map multiple threads of meaning in projects to coordinate effective coordinated action. She is a true bridge walker, and I am looking forward to working with her again.

February 9, 2013, James was with another company when working with Kelli at Bridgewalkers


Michael Brent QA Lead; Geo Expansion, Consumer Digital Tech at Nike

Kelli is a bright, talented and energetic person who brings a tenacious and technologically savvy point of view to both the project and the application under development. I definitely enjoyed working alongside her in this challenging, high visibility project. With a great attitude and a willingness to roll up her sleeves, both the application and her co-workers benefited from her involvement. I would not hesitate to work with Kelli at the earliest opportunity.

February 25, 2011, Michael worked as a QA Lead with Kelli at Nike Inc.


Subbu Natarajan Americas Lead – Social Collaboration

Kelli was my customer when I was designing a digital asset management and workflow system for Nike. She was the big reason for the project’s overall success. Kelli was smart to quickly identify real business needs that derive positive outcomes, translate them to measureable IT ROI, thereby prioritizing feature implementation. She could see through target state of the adopted system, had tenacity to promptly find answers from wide network of people, and the energy to keep everyone moving every step of the way to achieve the goal. Her thoroughness in explaining the requirements and examining the results, fearless invasion to IT side of the equation to understand both possibilities and limitations made us the successful team. She is a great asset to any team.

January 29, 2009, Subbu worked as a Project Manager directly with Kelli at Nike Inc.


Matt Hilla Technical Solutions Architect: CVA Platforms & Solutions at Cisco

Kelli is an extremely talented, creative and resourceful individual. In my position, I have to work with many internal partners in areas involving difficult to understand technologies. Out of everyone I have worked with, Kelli by far was one of the brightest, and most driven. Her ability to grasp difficult concepts, and find ways to implement technologies that ultimately save the business time and money is excellent.

She is a pleasing individual who always gives proper credit, and a great part of any team. My only regret is that we don’t get to work together more often.

January 5, 2009, Matt worked as the Digital Innovation Lead with Kelli at Nike Inc.